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VISIT NEPAL TO HELP NEPAL, l’aiuto arriva dall’Explora e dal Parco del Gran Sasso

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“Visit Nepal to help Nepal”: the Gran Sasso – Laga National Park will support tourism revival in Himalaya after the earthquake

Assergi (Abruzzi, Italy) 2015.07.06 _ The National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga will honor the twinning with the Gaurishankar National Park signed in 2014 by supporting the recovery of tourism economy in Himalaya and helping the reconstruction of villages in Rolwaling Valley.

The Park’s commitment was illustrated in an intense and moving meeting that was held yesterday between the Park’s representatives and Himalayan guides Migma G. T. Sherpa and Phurba T. Sherpa, ambassadors of the Mount Everest Summitters Club for Rolwaling Valley. They have described the conditions of the Himalayan village, “forgotten” because distant and therefore difficult to reach by the government aids, launching an appeal to rescue the communities that inhabit the valley.

The guides were accompanied by Davide Peluzzi, president of the Explora Nunaat International association, the unique italian no profit organization officially recognized by the Mount Everest Summitters Club in interventions of fundraising for the reconstruction.

The two Sherpas are among the most qualified representatives of mountaineering and have held several personal records. Migma G. Sherpa is the only one to have won a 8000 in 2015: Annapurna, opening a new route named “Rolwaling Route”, while the twenty-four Phurba T. Sherpa climbed Mount Everest nine times. Also for these reasons, the guides have been appointed ambassadors for tourism by the Nepalese government and they are committed to spread the slogan “Visit Nepal to help Nepal” in Italy.

The park’s Councillor Mr. Graziano Ciapanna, representing the Park’s President, Mrs. Arturo Diaconale, has responded to the call, committing the park’s authority to identify the most suitable forms of aid according to the twinning plan. The park’s Director, Mrs. Silvia De Paulis, remembering the terrible earthquake that devastated the main park’s city of L’Aquila in 2009, reflected that tourism based economies, such as those of mountain territories, in Himalaya as well on Gran Sasso, must be promoted by spreading the message that they are ready to welcome tourists and therefore visiting them is a way to support their renaissance.

For these reasons, the Park will undertake to disclose environmental and cultural qualities of Rowaling Himal territories through its institutional communication channels and future initiatives and events in the protected area in collaboration with the Exlora Nunaat International team.

Ufficio stampa Ente Parco del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga

visit Nepal to help Nepal - Percorso Bonatti Gran Sasso Himalaya

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